Medi-Vitamin-Facial Non-Chemical Peel

Facial 1

Osmosis Medi-Vitamin-Facial Infusion Non-Chemical Peel     $125.00

This facial gives you the best of both worlds by combining both the Facial Infusion followed by an Organic Treatment Masque, to further nourish and hydrate the skin along with powerful powder actives and treatment serums. Get the benefits of the non acid peel along with the extra pampering of the added nutrients from a soothing and hydrating masque. Optimum benefits recommended series of 6, once a month.


Upgrade Option:
Add Blue Onyx Quad Mode Quad Pro TAMA treatment to facial     $75

The Quad Mode Quad Pro penetrates your Facial Infusion and serums deeply into the dermis, which improves and enhances your results, without invasive measures like micro-needling.