Viktoria De’ANN Anti-Aging Facial

Introducing the new Viktoria De’ANN Anti-Aging Facial

Special Introductory Rate: $175




This facial is my newest Anti-Aging facial using Viktoria De’ANN Peptide Cosmeceuticals, a superior grade of bio-active peptides which provide new anti-aging treatments for true anti-aging transformations. These peptides have pharmaceutical grade ingredients that work in harmony with the body to regenerate cellular communication which has proven to be the key component in healthy ageless beautiful skin. After cleansing and exfoliating your face, a series of peptides are layered, one at a time, along with a customized blend of Osmosis serums and powder actives. Then, I’ll apply a PEPTI-nano 100% natural skin care mask that allows the skin to breathe and contour perfectly to your face on the cellular level. Next, TAMA BLUE ONYX QUAD MODE PRO electromagnetic pads set on the new BLUE modality (specifically for product penetration which is powerful and non-invasive alternative to dermal pen and needling without puncturing the epidermis) will be placed on your face delivering all the actives where they are needed most (wrinkles and fine lines). This is the most holistic approach available. This is followed by a full TAMA BLUE ONYX SMART FACIAL REJUVENATION MICROCURRENT TREATMENT. This amazing microcurrent machine will contour your face while providing further benefits of the hydrating mask that is packed full of Hyaluronic acid. The treatment is finished with a light facial massage and Rejuvenator facial cream.