Waxing Services

Nufree Natural Hair Removal

Nufree is a non-wax, natural self –preserving antimicrobial effective hair removal system! Nufree is so gentle you can immediately apply makeup, swim and even TAN after treatment.

Nufree is a self preserving antimicrobial, antibacterial non wax hair removal system that is safer. And because it is a non-wax, it sticks to the hair, not your skin so you won’t experience the pain and redness associated with waxing. Nufree is so gentle you can apply makeup, swim, exercise or tan immediately after treatment. Finipil antiseptic lotion is applied post hair removal that cools and protects the empty hair follicle.




Lip Wax /$10 and up
Eyebrow/$15 and up
Nose /$10 and up
Chin /$15 and up
Forehead /$20 and up
Sideburn/ $20 and up
Full Face / $45 and up


Upper Body

Under Arm/$25 and up
Half Arm/$30 and up
Full Arm /$45 and up
Stomach/$30 and up


Lower Body

Half Leg/$45 and up
Full Leg/$60 and up
Back Wax/$50 and up
Buttock/$30 and up
Bikini /$35 and up
Brazilian /$65 and up