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Janet Faello

Owner & Esthetician

Janet is a dual Licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist. She began her career as a Certified Medical Assistant and worked for General, Vascular and Thoracic Surgeons for a number of years. In addition, she also worked for Internists, Cardiologists, and an Aesthetic Dermatologist.

Her interest in skincare became very prevalent over the past years, as she wanted to prevent her own skin from aging. “Having tried several laser/IPL/microdermabrasion/chemical peel treatments, that literally “fried” my skin and was not producing the results I was seeking, I decided to follow yet another path and pursue a career in “Therapeutic Skin Care”. She attended the New York Institute of Beauty, completed the course of study and obtained her license. She continued her education by attending several workshops, watched numerous webinars on various products and received certifications by those brands. She met Dr. Ben Johnson, founder of Osmosis Pur Skincare and attended a few of his workshops and began using his products exclusively. “I was blown away with the changes in my skin and was SOLD on his philosophy “treating the source from within”.” His book “Transform Your Skin Naturally” educated her on the inflammatory causes of many skin disorders, how they begin internally and can be detected using facial mapping and the reason why modalities such as lasers, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion are inflammation producing treatments that injure the skin, temporary creating collagen. Those “collagen-building strategies” are not long term. With proper skincare, however, recent clinical studies prove that age REVERSAL is possible when you heal from within and use holistic professional products and protocols.

It is her desire to provide you with the very best skincare she can offer. She uses a holistic approach for all her services along with botanical/ holistic/natural skincare products that she both uses and retails. She wants to assure you that what she uses is top of the line, natural, certified Organic and holistic approaches. These are products and modalities that will change your skin and restore it to a natural healthy state reversing signs of aging. One must understand this is not a “quick fix”. It will take a little time but trust the products and protocols she uses will be worth the wait. Janet also wants to assure you that she stays on top of educating herself to better serve your needs.

After volunteering her services at “Monday’s at Racines”, she recently took an oncology course and is now officially “Oncology trained” which allows her to work on those who are suffering, or who have suffered, the detrimental effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. As a result of this training, another product line was introduced (Dermaviduals), is now in the process of product knowledge and obtaining a certification with this company and will bring into her practice this incredible line of products. Coming soon!!!

She recently attended a four-day retreat at TAMA Research on their latest TAMA Next Gen II Blue Onyx Quad Microcurrent, at their 3rd Annual Informed Aesthetician Conference”. This state of the art machine is unsurpassed to all other microcurrent machines available with its patented M2W metawave technology that taps into the cells of our body balancing nutrients necessary to obtain healthy skin. This exercises the muscles of the face, by re-educating them (similar to going to the gym), then allowing the muscles to memorize how they are meant to be and finally maintained. TAMA Facial ФTherapy Detox’s, Lifts, Tones and Infuses the skin.

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“Love the Skin you’re in”

She looks forward to meeting you and taking care of all your skincare needs. Her approach is Holistic, Natural and Certified Organic.