TAMA Facial Therapies

Tama Facial Therapy

$150 | 60 Minutes

Relax and unwind while turning back the hands of time. This Microcurrent Treatment runs from Standard to Advanced and is ideal for weekly treatments. *By booking this treatment it is understood that you have read the information provided below and we will proceed with the treatment as scheduled.

Say No To Botox!

$125 | 45 minutes

For those who have done injections in the past. This treatment targets injection sites and provides you with similar results without needles, without the downtime and without bruising! Weekly treatments are recommended until desired results are achieved followed by 4-week Maintenance.

The Ultimate Lift

$125 | 45 Minutes

Boost your Turn Back Time treatment with the added contouring and lifting benefits of the Ultimate Lift. This Treatment is ideal for those who receive Microcurrent treatments every 4 weeks. *By booking this treatment it is understood that you have read the information provided below and we will proceed with the treatment as scheduled.

Red Carpet Treatment

$200 | 90 Minutes

If you’re looking for a “Wow!” factor for a special event, this treatment is it!  Designed especially for when you need a little ‘lift’. This treatment includes a mask and LED treatment to enhance the benefits you’ll obtain. Perfect for the Mother of the Bride, Bride, Bridesmaids or other special events.


Add Ons


Does your profile need a lift? This hands-free treatment is designed to provide results similar to Kybella® by lifting and toning sagging under the chin. This Series includes 6 treatments. Two which lift the chin area followed by four that lift supporting facial muscles. Note, not all stages of aging are the same for everyone, therefore some may require additional treatment.

Series ONLY 2x's per week for 3 weeks.


Price per Treatment: $80 | 50 minutes
Treatments 1-2 (week 1)


Price per Treatment: $70 | 40 minutes
Treatments 3-6 (weeks 2 & 3)


What is TAMA BlueOnyx Microcurrent?

Understanding what microcurrent is, and what it does, will educate you on the astounding benefits TAMA BlueOnyx offers. Microcurrent is a non-surgical, non-toxic alternative to cosmetic surgery, Botox® & Kybella®. Instead of injecting toxins & chemicals, TAMA has the ability to measure each person’s unique tissue composition & adapts stimulation at specific depths that exercise facial muscles naturally.  This is accomplished by sending low levels of electromagnetic waves to reprogram muscle fibers to lengthen/shorten, lift and re-educate our 32 facial muscles.

Microcurrent is the perfect anti-aging treatment!  It improves muscle tone, repairs and balances the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin texture, heals acne, calms rosacea and improves skin discolorations. TAMA BlueOnyx Microcurrent delivers results in a single 20-minute treatment which is equivalent to 3 one-hour treatments per week as offered by their competitors.

How does it Work?

For a healthier approach with this non-invasive treatment, you can schedule a Series appropriate for your concerns and maintain the results. As results are cumulative, as is exercising at the gym, TAMA Facial Therapy requires maintenance. The way we maintain our body with exercise and diet, the same applies to the muscles of our face. The difference is that unlike injectables or surgical procedures, TAMA facial therapy is a relaxing non-invasive treatment done in a soothing and peaceful environment with NO discomfort and NO downtime. Just come in, lie down and drift away. You’ll emerge from your treatment feeling revived, refreshed and relaxed.

Tell me more!

Best results are accomplished with a series of treatments, as results are cumulative. Just like the muscles of our body require regular exercise to tone and maintain, so do the muscles of our face. “You don’t use it, you lose it!” The more sessions you have, the better the results. Packages are available to help you meet your desired facial concerns. Come in and let’s discuss how TAMA Facial Therapy can help provide you with your desired skin concerns.


Pregnancy • Pacemaker • Epilepsy • Cancer • Thrombosis • Phlebitis